About FXE®

„FXE® is a truly unique shoe wearable that - unlike other competing equipment - works directly with your body movement. Most other electronic devices are based on a counter principle, dealing with the number of steps, kilometres run or calories burnt, using a simple formula. FXE® is a very effective tool because it objectively processes every second of your actual sport performance.

FXE® consists of two parts: Smartphone application you can download FOR FREE via the App Store or Google play. Sensor that can be easily attached to any sport shoes. The sensor is resistant to usual humidity, rain or puddles. ”


„FXE® supports two activities now: JUMPING® and running. We are working on an update for more sports at the moment - cycling, boxing and other popular activities. A great advantage of the sensor is that the technology can be used for most sports when properly calibrated. Why use different applications and electronic devices for the sports you like? One FXE® is enough - and you choose the relevant sport in your application. Everything is simple, fast and efficient.”

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